Slip and Falls

If you were injured as a result of a slip and fall or sidewalk defect, call us immediately.

For those who have fallen and have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries as a result the consequences can be devastating.  Friedman & Simon, L.L.P. is dedicated to helping those who have fallen as a result of the negligence of another.  The many concerns that arise after a person has suffered a slip and fall or a trip and fall injury, such as: medical expenses, lost earnings/lost wages and pain and suffering are all matters where  we provide advice and vigorous legal representation.  Over the past two decades, thousands of slip & fall and trip & fall injury victims have consulted with us to learn their rights.  We have successfully represented the victims of many types of fall accidents.  These include:

Falls on broken sidewalks

Sections of sidewalk can be cracked or raised by roots of adjacent trees; they can be damaged when they cross over a driveway and break from the pressures of being driven over; they can become dangerously defective as a result of improper repair or replacement or from deterioration due to time and weather.

Liability (legal responsibility) for injuries suffered as a result of falls on such broken sidewalks may be held against private persons (such as adjacent land owners or negligent contractors) and/or against municipalities.

Premises liability

The owners of property and, in some cases, those who manage the property have a legal duty to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition.  This duty extends to using due care to prevent injury to those on the property from slippery conditions (for example, foreign substances on the ground, such as water from a known leak, the procrastinated cleanup of a known spill in a supermarket, etc.) and chronic conditions (for example, floor tiles that have been broken for an extended period of time).

Slip and falls / trip and falls on steps/stairs can be particularly dangerous.  As in all slip, trip and fall cases, the question of adequacy of lighting is very important in stairway fall cases.  More particularly, the construction and condition of the steps with respect to the heights of the risers, the width and depth of the steps, the positioning, condition or absence of railings are all important considerations in such cases.

Snow and ice cases

The duty to maintain property in a reasonably safe condition applies to removal of snow and ice as well.  When injuries occur as a result of falls due to snow and ice we carefully analyze the specific circumstances to determine if due care was exercised to maintain the property in a reasonably safe condition.  Was the subject property shoveled?  Was some form of ice-melt such as sand, salt or chemical pellets used?  What was the pre-accident weather record of precipitation and freeze/thaw temperature cycles?  What was the degree of care applied after a thaw and re-freeze of the subject area?  What was the custom of snow and ice removal at the property?  Were there any contractual obligations for snow and ice removal at the property?  These are a few of the investigative inquiries our team of New York slip and fall / trip and fall injury lawyers make as we take on slip, trip and fall cases that involve falls on snow and ice.

The information above provides a general overview of a few of the ways that people suffer serious and catastrophic injuries when they fall down.  Like all cases, slip, trip and fall cases require careful legal analysis to successfully prosecute claims for money damages.  If you or someone you care about has been injured in a slip, trip or fall accident, please contact our firm.

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Some of our slip and fall results:


A tenant suffers coccyx and back injuries from a fall on slippery walkway.


A 31 year old Bronx woman suffered a back injury when she slipped and fell on rice from a ripped bag in a supermarket.