Some of our results:


Verdict for a 49 year old Brooklyn man who suffered multiple fractures and a right leg below the knee amputation as a result of a train motorman’s failure to avoid him after a fall to the tracks.


A steamfitter suffered back, ankle and shoulder injuries in a fall from a ladder at a construction site.


Child suffers from cerebral palsy resulting from malpractice at birth.


A worker at a pre-school care center was a passenger in a motor vehicle. She suffered severe spinal cord injury in a rollover accident.


A group of workers were in a rollover accident while en route to their job. A confidentiality agreement prohibits discussion of details, however we are able to report the substantial recovery that was won for our clients.


Painter injures neck and foot in fall from scaffold.


A boat-yard worker, while crossing a street, was struck by a motor vehicle and suffered a traumatic brain injury.


A mechanic installing a security camera fell off ladder and suffered severe knee injury.


A motorcyclist was struck by a vehicle making a left turn. He suffered a fractured leg and underwent multiple surgical procedures.


Building superintendent injures back while walking on construction plank.


A laborer suffered back and knee injuries in a fall while working at construction of Time-Warner Center.


A roofer fell from a roof at a construction site and suffered a back injury.


A tenant suffers coccyx and back injuries from a fall on slippery walkway.


A bridge painter, in a fall from a ladder while at work, suffered a tendon tear in his ankle.


A retail store employee suffered an ACL rupture and a fracture of the tibial plateau.


An electrician working from a ladder in a parking garage suffered a back injury when the ladder was hit by vehicle operated by a parking attendant.


A worker unloading a van suffers back injury when van struck by truck.


A demolition worker slipped on an apple peel at a job site and suffered a fractured patella.


A pedestrian suffered a fractured leg as a result of being struck by a car.


Truck driver suffers neck injury when struck by falling pipe.


Recovery for the wrongful death of a 22 year old motorcyclist.


A 64 year old Bronx man suffered a back injury when the vehicle in which he was a passenger was struck from the rear.


An infant suffers head  and shoulder injuries in fall from window.


Recovery for the wrongful death of a 48 year old man who died after routine knee surgery.


A bridge painter suffered shoulder and back injuries in a fall from a ladder.


Recovery for the wrongful death of a 21 year old woman several days after giving birth.


A 31 year old Bronx woman suffered a back injury when she slipped and fell on rice from a ripped bag in a supermarket.


A painter fell from a ladder and suffered multiple bone fractures in the pelvic region.


A passenger suffers a femur fracture and knee injury in motor vehicle accident.


A woman suffered neck and shoulder injuries when a truck made a left-turn in front of her vehicle.


A self-employed merchandise vendor was riding his bicycle when he was struck by a car, causing him to suffer knee and back injuries.


An electrician, escaping a fire that broke out in his apartment while he was asleep, fell to the ground as he descended a defective fire escape and suffered multiple injuries.


A civil service employee was driving a car that was struck by another car that had crossed over from the oncoming lane of traffic and then struck from the rear by a truck, resulting in a broken thigh and a broken shoulder.


A taxi driver suffered a back injury as a result of his car being hit in the rear by an offending vehicle.


A construction worker tripped over debris at a work site and suffered a fractured foot.

Actual Friedman & Simon Clients:

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We are always pleased to get a letter from a client; we’ve included one below:

Dear Roger:

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much my family and I appreciate everything you have done for us.

I don’t think that any of us were fully aware of all the trials and tribulations that would arise as a result of my fall and subsequent injuries.  My case took some unexpected turns, some obstacles were thrown at us and a few surprises came along the way, but you handled every situation that arose with professionalism and with the knowledge that only comes from several years of experience.  You never once wavered or “backed down” from seeking justice for us.  You always kept our best interest in mind.

I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude for all you have done for us, the simplicity of you calling every few weeks just to see how I was feeling, how you always remembered to call after all of my many surgeries to see how I was doing – that had such an impact on me and meant so much to me and my wife.  It showed us that you were more than just our lawyer — I am honored to call you a friend.

Even now with the case over, you take the time to talk to us and answer our questions, to guide and advice us even with unrelated issues.

We went up against Goliath – against four defendants, to prove to a jury of my peers that a gross negligence, an injustice was done to me and my family and YOU proved it.

This letter is written with sincere appreciation for all your diligent and hard work, hundreds of hours you dedicated to my case, mountains upon mountains of paperwork, the many sleepless nights, the professionalism, genuine care and empathy you expressed to me and my family will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated.

I want to once again thank you and the staff at Friedman and Simon for all you have done for us.


(ed. note: client name redacted at their own request)